About Us


Abigail Rockmacher - Owner

The DillyBean opened January 25, 2018 by Abigail Rockmacher. At the age of 23, she took the leap and decided to open a pickle store in Schenectady, NY. Abby knew that Schenectady not only needed a pickle store but a local and fresh market as well. Abby specializes in lacto-fermentation making all of her own pickles, dillybeans and sauerkraut. 

Abby was always a little different from her peers. She would spend her evenings watching Emeril Lagasse with her mother. She loves cooking and showing off her skills. Abby has always been very big in supporting small businesses and healthy eating. She often dreamed of opening a restaurant with her mother. 

Abigail Rockmacher has a bachelor’s degree in both Sociology and Criminal Justice from the College of Saint Rose in Albany. Although Abby’s formal education is not in business, she worked for a small local pickle company for two years and worked in many local businesses learning the in’s and outs. She has over seven years of professional pickling and customer service experience.


Abby, like many college grads, was lost coming out of college. She felt trapped working for many local restaurants as the pay was better than a typical 40 hour week job. In October, 2017 she saw a listing for a business down sizing on Jay Street in Schenectady. Abby has helped start a pickle line in Saratoga, but she was ready to jump on the opportunity to bring something unique to Schenectady. Abby recognizes the rejuvenation and renovation of Schenectady and thought this would be the perfect place to start her pickle venture.

Abby is a strong believer in foods healing people. She wanted to bring not only something unique to her community, but something that would promote healthy living. Not only has Abby started a pickle store, but she has also expanded her retail area into promoting other local and healthy businesses. 

Abby firmly believes in helping others grow in order to help herself grow. She has donated soup, mac and cheese, and various vegetables to local homeless shelters after events. Abby has also teamed up with The Regional Food Bank to raise awareness and collect food items throughout the year. 


About the Name

A dillybean is a pickled green bean. From a young age Abby was very fond of her great-uncles dillybeans. Abby toyed with many names but once she thought of DillyBean it stuck! 

The DillyBean is a reminder everyday to Abby and her family how much they love and miss Uncle Spike. He would be very proud of the lady Abby has become. 

The picture to the left is Abby with her great uncle showing off her first batch of dillybeans she made with his recipe.

The DillyBean can also be found at many festivals and flea markets throughout the year.